Ethnomusicology Takes Pittsburgh by Storm

Just yesterday, I exited the whirlwind that is the Society for Ethnomusicology’s annual conference, held in Pittsburgh, PA. With what little of my brain that still remains, I’ll give you a few of my reflections on the experience. 


1. SEM is not only a hotbed of intellectual activity -it’s also a place to make friends. Many thanks and much love to Jennie, Jennifer, Sarah, Kelsey, Sam, and Juan Carlos for being wonderful human beings! Here you’ll find some epic wall art spotted at a local bar with said band of ethno-ruffians.  .

2. There is something powerful about surrounding yourself with 920 people who are all supporting ethnomusicology. Remember that the next time someone thinks this field doesn’t count.

pitt 2

3. The SEM Student Union met at the conference, and I reminded everyone present about our lovely blog. We’re soon to be joining forces with the union’s undergraduate committee, so expect lots of great posts geared towards that community coming your way! Please drop us a comment if you’d like to contribute.



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