Exciting Announcement!

Starting in February, the SU blog will be collaborating with the WannaBeEthno bloggers! We are all really excited to integrate our efforts to better welcome new students to the ever-expanding and evolving SEM Student Union. The WannaBeEthnos are part of a committee within the SU that works to address issues and concerns facing undergraduate ethnomusicology students. Undergraduates should always feel invited to comment on posts and ask questions of their peers about the field. We also welcome suggestions for post and series topics. Thank you to Jennie Williams, Liza Munk, and Ana María Alarcón Jiménez for their work in making this collaboration possible. And a big thank you to our readers, collaborators, and ethno friends around the world!

Choosing a Recording Device

Ethnomusicologists have come a very long way from Frances Densmore’s iconic photograph, but the judicious use of recording devices is just as important. Today, Alice Rogers shares her experience and expertise regarding useful questions to ask and things to consider when buying recording devices and making recordings. Thank you, Alice, for your contribution and insights!

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In Discipline: Talks from the European Side

Welcome to In Discipline: 2015, dear readers! This evening, I have the pleasure of introducing Mikaela Minga, a researcher at the Albanian Institute of Anthropology and Arts who also currently teaches courses at the Faculty of Music in Tirana. Her thoughts and reflections offer us valuable perspectives on the field in Albania; many thanks for your contribution, Mikaela!



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