Coming in June: Ethnomusicology and Parenthood

Liza, Ana, and I are very pleased to announce a new series we’ll be starting on the SEM Student Union blog. Inspired by In Discipline contributors Gertrud Huber, Iva Nenic, and Liam Barnard, we decided to begin a series highlighting the joys and challenges of becoming/being a parent while pursuing a graduate degree in ethnomusicology. We’ve asked friends, colleagues, and professors to write about their experiences. Unlike In Discipline, there was no standardized questionnaire for our contributors. They were asked only to share what they felt was most important about the subject.

We’d also like to extend this invitation to our readers as well: if you have experiences in parenthood while in graduate school and would like to share them with us, please email us at

– Heather

Grad School Tips from the SEM Student Union Bloggers

Last month, I posted a “To-Do List” where I listed my personal thoughts on how one should mentally prepare for the decision to move forward with graduate school applications. I knew that I could create a much stronger post if I could gather feedback from my fellow SU blog contributors based on their lived experiences. So I did just that! I now present to you a comprehensive list of graduate school advice, not-so-secrets, and high-fives from Ana, Heather, Liza, and Alice!

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In Discipline: Talks from the European Side

For this week’s In Discipline post, we are very pleased to introduce Iva Nenic. Iva is currently a doctoral candidate in the Department of Ethnomusicology of Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She writes very eloquently about the joys and challenges of ethnomusicology students in Serbia.


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