Ethnomusicology Student Groups: UK, Spain, Austria and Germany

It has been almost a year since we embarked in our In Discipline project. Its European focus is directly related to my experience as a newcomer to this part of the world in the midst of an economic crisis impacting universities and other higher education/research institutions. Doing In Discipline has been a fascinating journey, allowing Heather, Liza and I to encounter issues, topics, and questions that we think should be developed further. Likewise, In Discipline has put us in touch with other ethnomusicology-oriented student organizations. For this post, we have asked a number of these organizations to present themselves in their own words. We are thus starting by featuring European groups that we have gotten to know through In Discipline. However, our goal is to make available a comprehensive list of student groups around the world. That being said, if you know of or are part of an ethnomusicology student group that you want us to present, please get in touch through a comment on this post! – Ana

Ethnomusicologists in the UK – Created by Dr Fiorella Montero Diaz – Nov 2008 (729 members). The idea for this Facebook group emerged from personal experience. In 2007 I [Fiorella] left Peru to study an M.Mus in Ethnomusicology at Goldsmiths. Back in Lima there were no degrees in ethnomusicology, so I had to go abroad to pursue one. I was thrilled to be in a country where ethnomusicology was offered by many universities and other higher education institutions. Continue reading…

JAM Catalunya, Asturias, Madrid y Granada. Learn about the different branches of JAM, the Joven Asociación de Musicólogos (Young Association of Musicologists), located in different parts of Spain. In the Spanish context musicology encompasses both Ethnomusicology, Historical Musicology and, very often, Popular Music Studies, among other music-oriented disciplines. Each branch of JAM has written a brief paragraph to explain us who they are and what they do. Continue reading…

EMuK, the Ethnomusicological Culture Association Vienna, aims to foster interdisciplinary theoretical and practical approaches and discussions about music, dance, and theatre across the globe. The network with, and cooperation among young academics in this area is strengthened through bi-monthly meetings at different locations in Vienna. A prolific relationship exists with the Institute for Musicology and Vienna University, the Institute for Folk Music research and Ethnomusicology at the University of Music and Performing Arts, as well as the Austrian committee of the ICTM… Continue reading…

BEAM (Berlin Ethnomusicology and the Anthropology of Music) is a Berlin based research group dedicated to the ethnographic study of music. We welcome local and international scholars and students in the fields of ethnomusicology, musicology, anthropology as well as others engaged in musical research within and across related disciplines. Continue reading…


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