Summertime! And the livin is…busy

Hello readers!

As you may have noticed, our posts haven’t been coming as fast and as furious as they used to. Summer time is usually considered “time off” for academics, but it can often be just as busy as the school year (if not busier). We are working, taking care of family, moving house, dissertating, and finishing major projects, some of which are related to this blog. So please bear with us through the summer months. We still have awesome posts for the parenthood and ethnomusicology series, Jennie and the WannaBeEthno bloggers will be contributing posts, and Ana is working hard to keep the News & Calls page updated.

As always, thank you for reading and for your support! If you have ideas for a post, would like to contribute to a series, or know of an event that should be added to News & Calls, please contact us at

Have a happy summer!

– Heather, Ana, Liza, and Jennie



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