Parenthood and Ethnomusicology

One of the greatest things about this blog is the people that we’ve met (albeit electronically) who have so graciously shared their thoughts and experiences on a whole variety of topics. Right after we announced the Parenthood and Ethnomusicology series, Joan Jocson-Singh contacted us about contributing. Joan is a librarian in Acquisitions at Columbia University in New York. She received her Library Science and Archival degrees from Pratt Institute and is currently pursuing a second Masters in Anthropology. Her current research interests include gender, women’s studies, and ethnomusicology, specifically women’s participation in heavy metal and extreme metal music sub-cultures. When she’s not shushing folks at the library, she splits her time as a wife, mom, and doting sister when NY temperatures and attitudes allow.

Joan Family

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Folklife Festivals Refocused

While having to endure a scattered schedule of various part time jobs, it’s the festivals and concerts that keep me going during the summertime. My planner reads something like, “Work. Babysit. Work. HOUSE SHOW!! Work.” My favorite events, and I’ll bet my fellow ethnomusicologists and folklorists can relate, are the local folklife and heritage festivals!

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