The Ten Tracks Project & the Vertiskos Project

The SU blog is very excited to announce some new projects and directions we are taking. On the initiative of Ana-María Alarcón-Jiménez, our blog is now on SoundCloud and YouTube!

The SoundCloud playlist is part of an on-going project entitled The Vertiskos Project,  coordinated by Athena Katsanevaki (Ph.D in Historical Ethnomusicology and teaching staff in Traditional Singing Performance at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece) and her students from the University of Macedonia Thessaloniki, Greece. Be on the lookout for their amazing post coming in the next few months.

The YouTube playlist will be used for a new SU blog series called The Ten Tracks Project. The Ten Tracks Project is an invitation to both listen and visualize ethnomusicology students’ research projects. Limited to ten sound and/or audiovisual files, Ten Tracks Project participants are challenged to create a playlist to introduce their listeners to a glimpse of the sounds, performers, audiences, dances, and/or performing spaces that they are writing, thinking, and learning about.

If you would like to participate, please contact us at At this time, we are asking that you build your Ten Tracks playlist from videos already uploaded on YouTube.


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