Nominate Now!

Today we’re featuring a call from the SEM Student Union, who are extending the deadline for SU officer nominations, Chair and Member-at-Large, in order to garner greater participation from the student body. The new deadline will be Friday, August 19, 2016. Please submit the name, institutional affiliation, and email address of your nominee to (subject line: SU Nominations 2016). Special note: if you are interested in participating in a leadership role within the SU, you can also self-nominate for these positions. A brief description of the leadership positions can be found below.

SU-Officer Position, Chair (Deonte Harris):
As chair of the Student Union, I preside over the business and operation of the SU at the SEM Annual Meeting and beyond. This entails facilitating monthly planning meetings (via Google Hangout) with the SU Executive Committee in preparation for the SEM Meeting, each approximately 1-hour long; delegating leaders to oversee the various objectives and initiatives of the SU, including community outreach, network and communication, and SU-sponsored panels for SEM; and finally, submitting an annual sectional report to the SEM Board regarding the activities and financial standing of the SU over the course of the year. This leadership position is a wonderful networking opportunity, while also providing a platform for developing student-focused programming and advocating for student concerns within SEM.
SU-Officer Position, Member-at-Large (Ameera Nimjee):

It is the job of the member-at-large to provide support to the Chair, as well as to the other members of the Executive Committee. It allows one to be an active member of the Student Union, while also choosing the kinds of specific tasks to take on as they come up. I was very involved in conceptualizing and submitting an abstract for our Student Union-sponsored roundtable at the 2015 SEM meeting, on the use of social media in ethnomusicology. This was in addition to the regular duties of attending and contributing to monthly meetings via video-chat, attending and volunteering at Student Union events at SEM meetings, and occasionally recording meeting minutes and summaries. There are some exciting pilot projects taking place as the Student Union moves forward, especially in the areas of hands-on volunteering and teaching among our wider communities. I imagine the SU member-at-large can and will have direct opportunities in shaping these and other projects!
More information about these positions and eligibility for them can be found in sections V and VI of the SU By-Laws, accessible here: Lastly, if you have questions about the SU or individual positions, please email Thank you!

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