My name is Jeremy Reed and I am presently serving as the Chair of the Student Union of the Society for Ethnomusicology. I am writing to you, the student populous of SEM, on behalf of the Student Union to present a call for nominations (including self-nominations) for the Executive Committee positions of Vice-Chair and Treasurer/Secretary. These positions offer a fantastic opportunity for students to become involved in the Student Union and, by extension, the SEM at large. The responsibilities for each position are as follows:


  1. Serves as executive officer for all sub-committees.
  2. Meets with sub-committee chairs to set specific committee goals at the start of each term year.
  3. Facilitates grant writing for the SEM Student Union in conjunction with appropriate officers and sub-committees for specific grant needs and goals.
  4. Assumes the duties of the Chair in his/her absence.
  5. Acts as the parliamentarian for all SEM Student Union business meetings.
  6. Serves as liaison to the SEM Student News.
  7. Writes a bi-annual letter for SEM Student News.


  1. In coordination with Executive Committee, prepares agenda items for Student Union business meetings.
  2. Maintains accurate business and financial records for the SEM Student Union.
  3. Prepares and submits the minutes of proceedings for approval of all business meetings, for subsequent distribution to membership.
  4. Records attendance at SEM Student Union.
  5. Presents the SEM Student Union financial status at all business meetings.
  6. Collects all membership dues and other moneys owed to the SEM Student Union.
  7. Serves as Chair of the Network and Communication Committee.

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please submit the name, institutional affiliation, and email address of your nominee to (subject line: SU Nominations 2017)
Here are some words from outgoing Vice-Chair Ana-María Alarcón-Jiménez about her experience:

“After two years of service, my post as Vice-Chair of the SEM Student Union is  coming to an end. I have learned a lot of things throughout  this experience and I have met a lot of colleagues. The SEM Student Union is an organization centered on and directed by students. Meetings with Executive Committee members (all of whom are students) take place once a month via Skype or Google Hangouts. As Vice-Chair, you might have to join in (and sometimes to coordinate) extra meetings with other SU committees such as the Panel Committee or the Outreach Committee. You are also in charge of writing the “Student Voices” column of the SEM Student News bulletin, which is published biannually. In 2015, I was assigned to write the abstract of a roundtable sponsored by the SU. The roundtable got accepted into the SEM Conference of 2016. Although I was unable to secure funding to travel to the conference to preside the roundtable as planned, it ended up taking place with the help and support of my colleagues. I say this, to encourage students who do not live in the United States. You can actively participate and have a position of leadership within the SEM Student Union, even if you live abroad and/or you do not count with financial support (or a visa) to travel to the USA. Although online meetings and email communication take place exclusively in English, SU members are really supportive and understanding with non-native English speakers like myself. I have always been helped to edit my written English when needed and, despite my thick Colombian accent, everyone always made an effort to understand me.  I want to invite students based in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia to nominate themselves for the Vice-Chair position. You can email me at if you have any questions!”

And from outgoing treasurer/secretary Liza Munk:


“In my two years as Secretary / Treasurer for the Student Union, I’ve really appreciated the opportunity to make connections with a network of graduate students interested in contributing to SEM. My main responsibilities have been to keep minutes during our monthly meetings and to develop the SU Networking and Communications Committee, which includes the SU Blog and planning social events for annual meetings. These smaller tasks are part of our broader goal, to represent and support the student membership of SEM. It has been exciting to learn that professors read our blog and that students in service positions in the SU are more likely to find leadership opportunities for SEM as a whole. Overall, it’s been a great experience, and I highly recommend it.”


The SEM Student Union is a unique section within the Society at large where students from different universities can network, share experiences, voice concerns, and, most importantly, support one another. Taking a leadership position within the Student Union offers a distinct opportunity to develop student-focused programming and advocate for student concerns. The students of SEM are its future and we implore you to join us in shaping student life by joining the Executive Committee!


Jeremy Reed, Chair
Ana M. Alarcon, Vice-Chair
Liza Munk, Treasurer and Secretary
Shumaila Hemani, Member-at-Large




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