SEM 2018 Seeking Student Volunteers

Dear SEM Students,

We are currently accepting applications for student volunteers at the 2018 SEM Annual Meeting in Albuquerque. All student members completing a minimum 8 hours of volunteer work will receive a full reimbursement of their conference registration. We have various tasks and times available to help you complete your hours and we try to place you based on your preferences.

“I volunteered for SEM in 2017 and had a great time. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet established and leading figures in the field, and inspired me in my own work both in and outside of academia. Not only would I do it again, but I would seek out the opportunity!”

-Charles Wofford

PhD Student, historical musicology
University of Colorado at Boulder

Volunteer opportunities are a fabulous way to meet new people and form connections in a friendly, low-pressured environment. Being a volunteer for the annual SEM meeting will offer you a variety of new skills, provides a lifetime of memories and friends, and you can help make a difference in our community.

If you would be interested in becoming a student volunteer, you may fill out the application on the SEM website:

If you have any questions regarding becoming a student volunteer, please contact Stephanie Sturgis, Society for Ethnomusicology Program Specialist, at

With love,

Cali Alexander

PhD Student, ethnomusicology
University of Colorado at Boulder

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