The Ten Tracks Project: #2

The Ten Tracks Project

The Ten Tracks Project is an invitation to both listen and visualize ethnomusicology students’ research projects. Limited to ten sound and/or audiovisual files, Ten Tracks Project participants are challenged to create a playlist to introduce their listeners into a glimpse of the sounds, performers, audiences, dances, and/or performing spaces that they are writing, thinking, and learning about.

  • Playlist author: Ana María Alarcón Jiménez
  • Where do you study? Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal
  • Fieldwork Location: Galicia, Northwestern Spain
  • Research title: Spatializing Galician Music at the International Festival of the Celtic World.
  • Why are these ten tracks on your list?

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Folklife Festivals Refocused

While having to endure a scattered schedule of various part time jobs, it’s the festivals and concerts that keep me going during the summertime. My planner reads something like, “Work. Babysit. Work. HOUSE SHOW!! Work.” My favorite events, and I’ll bet my fellow ethnomusicologists and folklorists can relate, are the local folklife and heritage festivals!

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