This page features links to other music organization blogs and relevant websites. Please let us know if we’ve left any out.


Click here to read the inaugural blog post of the Society for Ethnomusicology:

Here, you’ll find the latest news from the American Musicological Society’s blog:

Fascinated with video game music? Click below for blog posts and info from the Society for Music Theory’s Film and Media Interest Group:


The Society for Ethnomusicology website is your go-to place for all information pertaining to the field of..wait for it…ethnomusicology. The Society itself is going on 60 years of research, scholarship, music-making, and community.

The American Musicological Society turns 80 this year! While mainly focusing on Western music, the first issues of the Journal of the American Musicological Society featured articles on non-Western music as well. Recent trends in musical scholarship have turned musicologists on to issues of gender, identity, and place.

For those interested in music theory (and come on, who isn’t?) the Society for Music Theory awaits. Previous successful joint conferences between SEM and SMT show that both societies have much to contribute to each other.

The College Music Society is a great organization that brings together scholars and students from all music areas. Generally speaking, not a lot of ethnomusicology students attend their conferences, but they are extremely supportive of student presentations and allow you to submit two abstracts for consideration.

For anyone interested in Sephardic, Crypto-Jewish, and related musics, Dr. Judith Cohen is a wonderful resource. She has a website and Facebook page


Go here for links and a description of different Ethnomusicology-focused groups lead and developed by students (in France, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, and the UK):


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