BEAM: Berlin Ethnomusicology and the Anthropology of Music

BEAM (Berlin Ethnomusicology and the Anthropology of Music) is a Berlin-based research group dedicated to the ethnographic study of music. We welcome local and international scholars and students in the fields of ethnomusicology, musicology, and anthropology as well as others engaged in musical research within and across related disciplines. The group provides a forum for music scholars to engage in academic exchange, discuss current literature and disciplinary debates, and present recent research. Through these activities, BEAM aims to build the ethnomusicology community in Berlin, strengthen the influence of ethnomusicology on wider academia, and increase ethnomusicology’s visibility within and expand its impact on local musical, cultural and political life. BEAM was founded in October 2012 by Thomas Hilder and Nepomuk Riva, and is currently run by Thomas Hilder, Ricarda Kopal, Nepomuk Riva, and Lisa-Maria Brusius. The group meets Thursday evenings (6-8pm) once a month during term time at different academic institutions, and co-hosts other academic and musical events around the city.


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