EMuK: Interdisciplinary Ethnomusicology in Austria

EMuK, the Ethnomusicological Culture Association Vienna, aims to foster interdisciplinary theoretical and practical approaches and discussions about music, dance, and theatre across the globe. The network with, and cooperation among, young academics in this area is strengthened through bi-monthly meetings at different locations in Vienna. A prolific relationship exists with the Institute for Musicology and Vienna University, the Institute for Folk Music research and Ethnomusicology at the University of Music and Performing Arts, as well as the Austrian committee of the ICTM, but EMuK acts institutionally independent, as an agent that cross links institutions and initiatives. Since the establishment of our non-profit association in 2011, there have been over eighty public events, lectures, discussions, workshops, and even movie nights. Students of Musicology and Ethnomusicology as well as neighbouring disciplines, like anthropology or area studies, meet for active participation in different discussion-, presentation- and listening-formats. EMuK welcomes students, alumni, professors, and other researchers engaged with ethnomusicology to take part in the discussion, to broaden the ethnomusicological platform, and to share individual academic topics and experiences. Students can also use the EMuK platform as a peer-mentoring opportunity for preparations of upcoming exams, their thesis, and/or conference papers. EMuK invites fellow ethnomusicologists to connect, visit, and take part in this vibrant academic-musical process!

You can find EMuK in Facebook!


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