Ethnomusicologists in the UK

EthnInUKCover FBEthnomusicologists in the UK – Created by Dr. Fiorella Montero Diaz – Nov 2008 (729 members) The idea for this Facebook group emerged from personal experience. In 2007 I left Peru to study a M.Mus in Ethnomusicology at Goldsmiths. Back in Lima there were no degrees in ethnomusicology, so I had to go abroad to pursue one. I was thrilled to be in a country where ethnomusicology was offered by many universities and other higher education institutions. I was also fascinated by London’s cultural and academic diversity. I saw that many students, just like me, came from different parts of the world to study ethnomusicology from very different  backgrounds such as Popular Music Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, Dance Studies, Cultural Studies and Performance. I fell in love with the discipline and the country, and wanted to continue my studies reading for a PhD in Music.

While researching where to read the PhD, I wanted to get in touch with international and local students at the many UK universities, students with research areas similar to mine, or a similar background, but that turned out to be quite a difficult task. So I decided to try to establish a channel of communication and, in late 2008, I created the Ethnomusicology in the UK site on Facebook. This is a virtual space where students from around the world studying or planning to study in the UK can engage in dialogue about their (ethno)musical experiences, enquiries about programs of study, research interests, performance events, scholarship/grant opportunities, among other relevant topics. I also invited several senior scholars based at different UK universities and members of the British Forum for Ethnomusicology (BFE) who could answer the many enquiries, advertise ethnomusicology conferences, and give advice related to the field.

The group grew very quickly, and extended beyond the UK borders. It is now a dynamic forum with more than 700 members. The lively discussions and interconnections it facilitates actively contribute to promoting interdisciplinary research, collaboration and networking across different sectors (academia, NGOs, publishing houses, record companies, and the media). It is a popular communication tool for ethnomusicology university students, senior scholars, subject associations and performers; as it brings together ethnomusicology enthusiasts of different generations, academic levels and backgrounds, and diverse music institutions around the globe.

We would love to welcome you too!


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