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Logo ethnomusiKais an organization devoted to music and musicians from all over the world that supports both research and public awareness of musical knowledge and practices.

Created in 2007 by a group of ethnomusicology students from three Universities (EHESS, Paris Sorbonne, Nanterre University), ethnomusiKa has become a platform to enable students and world music lovers to gather, discuss, share, practice and listen to music together.

The organization provides a link between different institutions and encourages meetings of people from diverse backgrounds and qualifications through a panel of activities targeting both specialists and/or curious people who wish to experience world music from an alternative perspective to the traditional concert scene.

The organization is structured around three regular activities, all free and open to the public:

  • Brunch ethnomusiKa: Our most popular gathering, one Sunday per month the Brunch ethnomusika honours a music or dance from a region of the world. This meeting aims to offer introduction and understanding of a specific music to a large public through a variety of approaches (film screening, lec-dem, concert, conference) with a specialist of that area.
  • K-fé rencontre: Once in a semester ethnomusiKa invites an ethnomusicologist to discuss his life story around a table. This is an opportunity to discover some aspects of an ethnomusicologist’s career and activities: How do we become ethnomusicologists? What are the life stories behind researchers and music producers?
  • ethnomusiKa Live: Once every two months ethnomusiKa Live invites volunteers from the association to express their talents on stage: an open space where any one can join with an instruments or his voice to play, sing and dance. Each session focuses on a specific theme (“Blues,” “Cajun music,” or “Rebetiko” to name a few) introduced by a musician or a group who teaches some basic knowledge before the jam starts.

Apart from these regular activities, ethnomusiKa runs projects in different fields (music production, workshops, research seminars) and develops partnerships with other groups, associations or institutions. We have been developing collaborations with our colleagues in the UK (namely Ethnomusicology Discussion Group) and more recently we organized, in 2014 and 2015, a “Valentine’s Day Bal” in Paris with members of the SOAS Ceilidh Band who spread the good ceilidh cheer around Europe.

In 2013 the association organized its first festival “Body and Voice. Music, dance and engagement” in Paris (12-16 June 2013): a 5-day celebration which gathered artists, scholars, music and dance lovers on a platform to share, think, experience and enjoy music and dance together at an international level. A second edition of this festival is planned for 2017. To learn more about this festival go to:

EthnomusiKa is:

  • a mailing list of 2000 subscribers
  • a website
  • a blog
  • a Facebook Page
  • a Facebook Group
  • an active team of more than 20 volunteers
  • more than 200 members
  • 1 festival
  • 8 years of activities (concerts, conference, workshop, meeting)


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Brunch sanza et Mbira du Zimbabwe_Vincent Hickman_april 2011 eK LIVE_blues_october 2014 eK LIVE_rebetiko_april 2015 Festival ethnomusiKa 2013


Festival ethnomusiKa_juin 2013_bal Flyer web Brunch mai 2015


K-fé rencontre avec John Baily et Veronica Doubleday_MAY 2014 K-fé rencontre avec Laurent Aubert_MAY 2015 MASTER CLASSE AVEC SIXTO SILGADO “PAÍTO”, GAITA COLOMBIENNE, LE 3 MAI 2009